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StickyPoint Magazine : Readers Survey

We would like to get to know our readers a little better, therefore we have put together a small survey. As our magazine is about cannabis in our society, we want to hear what you have to say.

The answers to the questions below will only be used by us to help create a better reading experience for our readers.

A little about yourself:
Age Group:
Your cannabis smoking:
Preferred consumption:
Do you use cannabis
for medicinal purposes?
Your interaction with StickyPoint Magazine:
How did you hear about
StickyPoint Magazine?
How many issues have
you seen / read?
How many issues do
you own?
Where did you purchase
your copy / copies?
How many people have
you shown the magazine?
Your opinions of StickyPoint Magazine:
Your opinion on the
overall quality?
Your opinion on the
Your opinion on the
Your opinion on the
overall look & design?
What are your favourite
parts of the magazine?
What do you dislike
in the magazine?
Just a few other questions...:
How often do you visit
the StickyPoint website?
Any other comments or
Your email address:




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