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+ 25th January 2008 | Householder made cannabis room 'disappear'

Source: Christchurch Court News
Author: Unknown

A carpenter who made a bathroom “disappear” and turned it into a cannabis growing room has been given a term of home detention.

Gareth John Robson did the conversion on his rented house in Milton Street, Sydenham. He boarded up the door to the bathroom and made it seem the room did not exist. He then created a concealed entrance through a hole from the bedroom.



+ 24th January 2008 | Questions and Answers: Medical benefits of Cannabis

Author: Unknown

Nandor Tanczos, MP for the Green Party provides some answers of commonly asked questions on the medical benefits of Cannabis:

How long has cannabis been used for medicinal purposes?
There is evidence that cannabis has been used for over 12,000 years; there are texts from as far back as 2737B.C. which list the medicinal uses of cannabis.

The medical uses of cannabis have recently been rediscovered by researchers and health practitioners around the world, and many countries are recognising these medicinal benefits by enacting changes to their laws.



+ 24th January 2008 | Heavy dope smokers attract serious lung disease faster

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Author: Unknown

HEAVY pot smokers will suffer serious lung disease two decades earlier than their cigarette-smoking counterparts, and the style of dope smoking is to blame.

The deep, slow inhalation and long breath hold is predisposing cannabis smokers to a condition of rapid lung destruction much younger in life, a study by Melbourne researchers has found. A team from the Department of Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory Medicine at Monash University reviewed the lung condition of middle-aged chronic cannabis smokers.



+ 23rd January 2008 | Two more drug-test vans to hit the road

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald
Author: Andrew Clennell

FIFTEEN months after the State Government announced a random drug-testing van would be put on NSW roads, another two have been announced by the Premier, Morris Iemma, but he has no plans to match the eight drug-testing vans in use in Victoria.

Mr Iemma made the announcement at Wentworthville yesterday, and said that matching Victoria's commitment was unnecessary because technology was evolving.

"To make a simplistic comparison with Victoria could lead us [to] make bad investments," he said. "It could well be that one day every single police vehicle will have the capacity to do the drug testing."



+ 15th January 2008 | Police bust drug set-up

Source: The Queensland Times
Author: Anna Caldwell

GOODNA police literally nipped a Redbank Plains hydroponic drug set-up in the bud Sunday night when two officers made a routine visit to a residential house.

Sergeant Mike Larsen said police seized 74 cannabis plants and a large hydroponic set-up from the residence about 11.30pm and investigations into the matter continued yesterday.

Goodna Constables Ian Hetherington and Keonee Smidt were making a routine inquiry at the home when they came across the lab-like set-up.



+ 10th January 2008 | Crims go down, $189,000 worth of cannabis seized

Source: The Magnet
Author: Unknown

A routine traffic patrol ended in a drug bust at an Eden residence, with more than $189,000 worth of cannabis (at street value) seized. The inside of the house, where the illegal drugs were confiscated, was also kitted out as a sizeable hydroponics laboratory.

The discovery of the illegal drug ring unfolded at 7.25pm on Sunday, December 30 when Eden Police stopped a motor vehicle travelling north on the Princes highway for a traffic related matter.



+ 10th January 2008 | Woman, 81, accused over cannabis supply

Source: The Australian
Author: Dan Box

AN 81-year-old woman has been charged with growing and supplying cannabis after police launched a series of co-ordinated raids targeting an alleged drug ring that included her son.

The woman, from Young in central NSW, agreed on Monday afternoon to attend the town's police station, where she was charged and later released on bail.

Her arrest follows a series of raids on six properties in Young and Canberra on December 12 in which six other people were arrested, including the woman's 42-year-old son.



+ 6th January 2008 | First drug-driving charges laid

Source: The Courier Mail
Author: Kay Dibben

TEN Queensland drivers who tested positive to drugs in roadside checks have had their results confirmed in a laboratory and will be charged.

Police had to wait until Queensland Health Scientific Services analysed the drivers' saliva samples in its laboratory and confirmed the presence of drugs before they could be charged.



+ 3rd January 2008 | Woman arrested after Dublin Airport cannabis seizure

Source: Belfast Telegraph (Ireland)
Author: Unknown

Gardai are questioning a 58-year-old South African woman following a cannabis seizure at Dublin Airport yesterday.

The woman was detained after an estimated €200,000 worth of the drug was found hidden in the base of a suitcase that had arrived on a flight Geneva.




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