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StickyPoint Magazine : Issue 05

StickyPoint Magazine Issue 5
  • Released: July / August 2008
  • Details: 104 pages, full-colour gloss, double-sided centrefold
  • Writers: Dr. John Jiggens, The Goddess, Mark Heinrich




The Dreaming"The Dreaming : The Use of Cannabis Tincture to treat PTSD" - Mark Heinrich

I am a sufferer of the insidious illness known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It has plagued my life for nearly 20 years. It has cost me a wife, my home, my kids and finally, my sanity. It took me to the depths of despair, and led me into a life of poly-drug use in an attempt to escape the horrors of my mind. There seemed no escape.

It was not until I started to hear reports that cannabis was a valuable tool in dealing with PTSD that I began to feel some hope that things may change for the better.

In order to alleviate my symptoms and pursue a normal life style I turned to a tincture of cannabis with successful results.


Marijuana Prohibition"The Origins of Marijuana Prohibition in Australia" - Dr. John Jiggens

In April 1938, the front page of the Australian newspaper, Smith's Weekly, was dominated by a headline that shrieked 'New Drug That Maddens Victims'. The article was subtitled 'WARNING FROM AMERICA' (which provided a clue to its author) and informed readers that the 'PLANT GROWS WILD IN QUEENSLAND'.

The plant in question was Cannabis Sativa; and this 'new drug that maddens victims' was marijuana. This article introduced Australian's to the word marijuana and the Smith's Weekly article marked the start of an American-inspired 'Reefer Madness' campaign in Australia. The article began:

"A MEXICAN drug that drives men and women to the wildest sexual excesses has made its first appearance in Australia. It distorts moral values and leads to degrading sexual extravagances. It is called marihuana. Marihuana is obtained from a plant (Cannabis Sativa) that has been discovered growing wild in many of the coastal parts of Queensland."


Mullaway"Don't say Anything, just Mullaway" - Outdoor Buds Pictorial

A secret garden of weed.... Every direction you look, beautiful, tall, thick and lucious plants. The scent is an intoxicating aroma, blended with some of the finest genetics around.





Ultimate Indoor"The Ultimate Indoor" - Indoor Buds Pictorial

Taking all the best things about nature and using it inside... optimal and consistent conditions that generate a bountiful harvest.

This room was stacked with glorious cannabis beauties, loads of crystal upon fat plump buds... what nature intended, only indoors!




"Mullaway Part DeuxDon't say Anything, just Mullaway Part Deux" - Buds Pictorial

Harvest time, when it is time for the garden to come down and be fully appreciated.

Getting up close and personal, we take a look at the final product of a wonderful season's harvest. A fine variety of strains, full of wonderful varying colour, texture and density.




From the Goddess"From the Goddess : The Petrol Guage Needle & the Damage Done?"

Greetings mortals,
You may have noticed the rapid climb in fuel prices over the last few months and wondered what was going on; after all, the producers have upped production and nothing else much has changed to alter the equation. Well wonder no longer; it's all because of me and Gaia and we haven't finished yet. Before we're done you'll see fossil fuels costing $10 a litre because money is the only stick that will stop you dummies using the toxic shit.

I've tried reasoning with you but that hasn't worked so wake up to this:

Over the last few months I've been having meetings with some of the more advanced members of your species and we have agreed that homo-sapiens need a good kick in the arse and that a fuel price spike is only one of the ways we have decided on delivering it.


featured artistFeatured Artist - Fractal Mick

Michael Petter has been immersed in exploring the Mandelbrot set since 1985. The Brisbane based fractal artist was doing 4 megapixel black and white images, back then using 12 computers. These days he is producing stunning 12 - 48 megapixel colour images on a single machine, but some things haven't changed. It can still take up to 100 hundred hours to generate one of the final images but the results are worth the wait.

"At the magnification I use, the Mandelbrot set is about 3/4 of the size of the visible universe and there is always a new and fascinating fractal world waiting just a mouse click away. So I don't think I will get tired of doing it anytime soon.



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