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StickyPoint Magazine : Issue 04

StickyPoint Magazine Issue 4
  • Released: January 2008
  • Details: 104 pages, full-colour gloss, double-sided centrefold
  • Writers: John Jiggens, The Goddess, Travis Gilbert,Dr. Keith Bolton, David Rousell





Hemp Cash Crop"Hemp : An Australian Grown Ca$h Crop for 180 Years" - Travis Gilbert

With ‘climate change’ emerging as a leading issue of public concern, Travis Gilbert examines the potential role of industrial hemp in reducing Australia’s greenhouse emissions

As many readers will be aware, prior to the ‘reefer madness’ era, the hemp plant was cultivated in a number of countries as a diverse cash-crop. Of primary importance were the fibrous stalks that were harvested and used to produce cloth, paper, rope, sails and textiles for commercial distribution. Indeed the plant was the principal source of both fibre for materials and pulp for paper prior to 1900.


Food for Thought"Hemp Seeds : Food for Thought" - Keith Bolton

I have written several StickyPoint articles discussing the fibre, food and pharmaceutical attributes of Cannabis, the direction of the Australian hemp industry, and the intimate relationship between hemp and humans. I have decided to devote this current article to the food properties of hemp for two primary reasons; the first is that hemp seed is a super-nutritional food that can reverse modern illnesses caused by the modern diet. The second is that Australia and New Zealand are the only so-called developed countries where hemp seed food is illegal.



Fuelling our Future"Fuelling our Future" - Travis Gilbert

Travis Gilbert investigates what role hemp cultivation could play as source of biomass energy and the potential for hemp to play a key role in a renewable energy revolution for Australia.

As the world’s supply of oil continues to decline and the age of ‘peak-oil’ draws closer, commerce, industry and belatedly even politicians are seriously considering a number of alternative sources from which to satisfy our insatiable need for energy.



Talking to Your Kids About Drugs"Talking to Your Kids About Drugs" - John Jiggens

After reading the Howard government’s pre-election booklet Talking to your kids about drugs you might think that alcohol is not a drug. Of course, this is not so. Alcohol is our most dangerous drug because it is so readily available and because we culturally misuse alcohol. However, the alcohol industry has purchased a privileged position in the drug debate.

The Australian media regularly portray excessive use of alcohol as patriotic and heroic, repeatedly showing Australian sporting teams (like the Storm and Geelong) celebrating victory by drenching themselves in alcohol. By contrast, a footballer caught with a Valium tablet is regarded as an evil beyond the pale!


"Mystery of Nugan HandThe Mystery of Nugan Hand - The Murder of Don Mackay" - John Jiggens

The murder of Donald Mackay and the mystery of the Nugan Hand bank are two of the enduring riddles of Australian history. But were these two mysteries related? While I was researching the history of the Australian drug trade, I discovered the two mysteries were closely intertwined. Although they both have a Griffith connection what linked them was a ‘Sydney Connection’.

The Sydney Connection was a drug smuggling route that connected the US market for heroin and marijuana to Asia via Australia. It was a transshipment route, organized by US special agents, the US mafia, and Sydney criminals, that came into existence during the Vietnam years, routing the US/Asia drug trade through Australia.


From the Goddess"From the Goddess : War. Huh! What is it Good For?"

Been off doing my goddy duties for a few millennia and return to find you bogged hip deep in shit, and that after such a promising start. I don’t think many of you realise how amusing you are. But let’s be honest, your amusement value is the reason us gods allow your existence. If you doubt me ask yourself `is farting God’s idea of a survival technique?’
In human terms I’d compare you to a cross between that special friend you bring along to parties because you know he’ll get drunk and do something dumb and a glass fronted ant farm.


featured artist"Remo in Amsterdam"

Remo the Urban Grower visited Amsterdam last month to cover the infamous Cannabis Cup. Back in Issue 2 of StickyPoint, we caught up with Remo and chatted about his last experience in Amsterdam and the last Cannabis Cup. This time we thought we would let the pictures do all the talking.

What follows is a wonderful photo-journal that is The Urban Grower, the Cannabis Cup and a little place called Amsterdam.


featured artistFeatured Artist - Luciano Lima

Luciano was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From an early age he was encouraged to draw by his parents, who were also artists. This was to fill the already artistic veins that run in the family. He did drawing courses, photography (one of his hobbies) and later studies architecture. At the time Luciano was working as a mural artist and also designed cartoons for a magazine called La Settimana.

Kaleidoscope Tattoo & Piercing Studio



featured artistFeatured Artist - Dan Ham

Born in Adelaide in the late 70’s, find it hard to go a week without doing something artistic, started painting when I was12 and now have painted over 200 paintings and 3000 sketches , many sculptures, poems... Enjoy reading books on new things.

My inspiration towards art comes from studying psychology and philosophy and the like.



Predictive TextQ&A with Predictive Text - David Rousell

A balmy spring day found us taking a leisurely lunch by the river, and then settling into the lush, subtropical environs of "Bitch Boxx" studios. This concise home studio, complete with sound box for recording live instrumentation, has birthed electronica outfit "Predictive Text", a collaboration between Michael Downs and Adam Long. I watched them begin to tweak with a new track they're working on, and asked a few questions about their recent album "Pretty Nerve Gas".


Big BudQ&A with Big Bud - David Rousell

After seeing Big Bud perform an excellent set at the hall over the weekend (DNBBQ page 66), I caught up with him for a chat about the music scene he has contributed to for many years. Renowned for championing the liquid and dub styles of drum n bass, he seemed very optimistic about the state of the art:





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