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+ 31st December 2007 | NSW govt to up drug driving deterrence

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald
Author: Unknown

The NSW government has defended its efforts to curb drugged driving after a survey found an alarming number of young people admitted to the practice.

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre survey found 73 per cent of young people at nightclubs admitted to being passengers in a car while knowing the driver was under the influence of ecstasy, ice, cocaine or cannabis, at some stage.



+ 18th December 2007 | Blayney drug bust: $100,000 worth of cannabis off streets

Source: Western Advocate (
Author: Breandan Arrow

Bathurst Police have stopped over $100,000 worth of cannabis flooding streets in the Central West. Police raided a house on Monday in Blayney and discovered numerous cannabis plants at different stages of growth, as well as a quantity of dried marijuana.

While most of the plants were only at a juvenile stage, police estimate the potential value of the plants fully grown would have reached $104,000.



+ 12th December 2007 | Marijuana Farms in Seattle Operated by Vietnamese Americans

Source: New America Media
Author: Diem Ly

An outbreak of marijuana farms are in Seattle — run by Vietnamese Americans. It puts a new spin on gardening at home. Neighbors have no clue the quiet suburban home next door could be a full-fledged cannabis-growing operation.

The Seattle Police Department said Vietnamese marijuana growing organizations purchase homes throughout the Puget Sound and construct elaborate indoor cultivation factories on the premises. Investigators are just now pulling open the curtains on a secretive world. Many of which end deadly.



+ 9th December 2007 | 'It's just more lies': angry Corby family

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald
Author: Caroline Marcus

THE mother of convicted drug trafficker Schapelle Corby has slammed reports linking her to a Bali drug ring as lies.

Rosleigh Rose is outraged at accusations by Queensland woman Kim Moore that Corby had past associations with men who imported amphetamines to Bali four times a year.



+ 8th December 2007 | Corby link to Bali drug distribution

Author: Unknown

Four associates of the convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby were named in a police intelligence report as being part of a ring that transported drugs between Brisbane and Bali - three weeks before she was arrested at Denpasar Airport with cannabis in her boogie board bag.

A 2004 police intelligence report quotes a witness, Kim Moore, alleging that the four people were involved in manufacturing amphetamines in Brisbane that were then transported in powder and tablet form to Bali in a "dark coloured suitcase surrounded by oily paper within a false bottom".



+ 6th December 2007 | Nine arrested for drug trafficking

Source: The Age
Author: Unknown

Police believe they have smashed a major drug trafficking operation in which cannabis was smuggled from South Australia to Queensland in fake LPG tanks.

Nine people have been arrested in the two states over the operation which involved transporting cannabis across the country hidden inside the fake tanks on the back of utility trucks.



+ 5th December 2007 | Drug dealer's cash to go to landlord

Source: Christchurch Court News
Author: Unknown

A landlord will get the $3120 cash the police found at the rented home being used for a commercial cannabis growing operation. The police found 383 cannabis plants being grown at a rented Centaurus Road address they raided in July.

The cultivator, 46-year-old Steven Jeffrey Fleming, was jailed for three years by Justice Chisholm in the High Court at Christchurch today.



+ 4th December 2007 | Bunbury man charged over cannabis bust

Source: ABC News
Author: Unknown

A 53-year-old Bunbury man has been charged after police uncovered 150 cannabis plants in bushland about 10 kilometres north-east of Balingup.

Bridgetown police allege the man was tending to the plants and he was charged with cultivating with intent to sell or supply. The plants have been seized and it is likely a sample will be analysed by police botanists in Bunbury.



+ 3rd December 2007 | Malicious markup on medicinal marijuana

Source: Halifax Daily News (Canada)
Author: Charles Moore

The anti-marijuana crowd will be latching on to a new study published in last week's edition of the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet, which suggests that even occasional pot use could raise the risk of psychosis.

Based on a meta-analysis of 35 previous studies, researchers determined that pot-smokers were 41 per cent more likely to develop a psychotic illness than persons who had never used the drug, and contend that governments should now work to dispel the misconception that marijuana is a benign drug.




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