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StickyPoint Magazine : Australian Cannabis Lifestyle.

Home-grown here in Australia, StickyPoint aims to present a clear, informed and educated look at cannabis in our society. Using some of the best Australian writers and contributors, StickyPoint hits the shelves every few months.

Each issue contains our cannabis inspired Feature Stories; a direct and honest insight into cannabis within our society. Topics range from Industrial Hemp, Medicinal Cannabis Use, Harm Reduction and Cannabis Laws & Policies. We also have a series of departments featuring art, readers submissions and Remo the Urban Grower, and The Goddess of the Church of Holy Smoke.

We also feature band interviews and festival reviews as well as our good friend Rippy the Stoner Kangaroo.

StickyPoint welcomes feedback and contributions.

StickyPoint Magazine : Australian Cannabis Lifestyle & News

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StickyPoint Magazine Blog

The 'StickyPoint Magazine Blog' is the new home for Cannabis Bud Shots, News from around the StickyPoint Office, Competitions & Giveaways and any other cool stuff we come across.

With an ever-growing Bud Shot Gallery, we also have a selection of Readers Pics and Wallpapers for your computer.

The Spin Trim competition has been drawn, and the winner has been notified.

Issue 6 is not too far away, more details available at the blog.

StickyPoint - Current Issue

StickyPoint Magazine Issue 6StickyPoint Magazine : Issue 6
Released: July / August 2008

Issue 5 of StickyPoint Magazine has been crowned our first BudShot Spectacular. It is jam packed with beautiful glossy bud shots; Outdoors, indoors, ripe and ready, spread across 3 individual multi-page pictorials.

There are 2 main feature stories; the first covers the use of Cannabis Tincture to help treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The second story is a history lesson on how Marijuana Prohibition originated here in Australia.

As always, we have the regular column from The Goddess. In true Goddess form, there are no holds barred as she calls it as she sees it. Our featured artists is Fractal Mick, who produces mathematical fractal images, which are guaranteed to bend your mind.

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